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Research group nanoBIC


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ICREA / Universitat de Barcelona

Departament de Química Inorgànica

Research group QBI
Martí i Franquès 1-11
08028 Barcelona


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We can help you with your research needs. Here’s a list of some of the services our team can provide you.


  • We can functionalize nanoparticles (gold or magnetite) for you with functional groups or molecules (drugs, fluorescent probes, antibodies, etc) of your choice.
  • For these functionalizations, nanoparticles of different sizes (for instance of 5 or 15 nm) and various superficial decorations can be used, which are prepared on tailor-made basis.
TEM images of Au NPs prepared by us (5 and 15 nm)




Small peptides:

  • We can synthesize small peptides for you, including those containing natural or non-natural fluorescent amino acids (e.g. coumarin- or 1,8-naphthalimide-based derivatives, etc).




Conformational diseases

  • We have developed a new fast, simple, and inexpensive method to screen potential inhibitors of amyloid aggregation.
  • Proteins involved in neurodegenerative/conformational diseases can be produced in our lab.
Kinetics studies of Aβ aggregation

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