Research group nanoBIC
Research group nanoBIC


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ICREA / Universitat de Barcelona

Departament de Química Inorgànica

Research group QBI
Martí i Franquès 1-11
08028 Barcelona


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Our current research team

The QBI research team is currently composed of 5 staff members (including the group leader), 1PhD student, 3 MSc students, 1 Erasmus student and 1 guest researcher.

Group Picture

Group Picture - June 2019

ICREA Prof. Patrick Gamez, FRSC

Research team leader

Tel: +34 93 4021274


Office located on the second floor of the Chemistry faculty building

Office room number: 205B

Overview of honors, memberships and output:

Dr. Amparo Caubet Marín

Senior lecturer

Tel: +34 93 4037057

Office room number: 243C

Dr. Raimon Sabaté Lagunas

Senior lecturer

Tel: +34 644478271

Office room number: (Department of Pharmacy)

Dr. Ernesto Nicolàs Galindo

Senior lecturer

Tel: +34 93 4029057

Office room number: 5.09 (Organic Chemistry)

Dr. Ana Belén Caballero


Research topic: anti-Alzheimer drug design - nanoparticles

Tel: +34 93 4021268

Room number: 208B


Dana Josa Hidalgo

PhD student

Research topic: Design of new Ru and Os piano-stool compounds as potential activatable cytotoxic agents - Thesis co-directed with Arnald Grabulosa

Tel: +34 93 4021268

Room number: L24


Jordi Grau Bigordà

Guest researcher

Research topic: Preparation and evaluation of the cytotoxic properties of copper-based coordination compounds

Tel: +34 93 4021268

Room number: 209